• Workshops and one to one tuition in the specialised yogawall


    A huge opportunity for your own self practise, a far greater awareness of your own alignment.


"Transform your practice using the natural pull of gravity to find a greater awareness of your own alignment. Join us to be guided through a series of lengthening movements and inversions, all assisted by the straps and the wall. You will be able to lead your body safely and gently into release whilst having the opportunity to move beyond your usual boundaries on the mat.
  • No previous experience required

  • Benefit from inversion with ease

  • Workshops

  • One to one tuition

Book your space on a Yoga Wall Workshop

One to one tuition on the Yoga Wall

Book some private sessions on the Yoga Wall to transform your Yoga or Pilates practise.

Individual sessions with Yasue on the yoga wall are ideal for deepening your practice and finding a greater awareness of your alignment and the natural support of gravity.

Please note one to one yoga wall sessions are also currently available, apologies for any inconvenience.

Please check this page for updates on our yoga wall workshops and private sessions.