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We understand that sometimes you might need a little extra input in your path towards alignment and ease of movement. That’s why we offer a variety of treatments from our studio in Hove to support your pilates practice, freeing the body from restriction and getting you back on track. 


Osteopathy helps to secure and stabilise the changes in your body by improving neural patterning and functional movement pathways. Osteopaths use a broad range of gentle hand-on techniques to focus on good joint mobility, alignment and a well balanced integral system to improve a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions. 

Both our osteopaths are Pilates teachers and might suggest the use of guided Pilates during or immediately following treatment to helps to secure and stabilise the change.

Your initial Osteopathy Appointment lasts for 55min. Cost £60
Your follow up Osteopathy Appointment lasts for 40min. Cost £60

Massage therapy restores and frees the body from pain and restriction, and can be found very useful in musculoskeletal conditions like sciatica, frozen shoulder, back pain, sports injuries.

Massage treatments last for 55min. Cost:£55



Fascia is connective tissue, it’s role is that of integrating the fluid relationships between muscles, joints, organs and other structures in the body. Injury, inflammation, immobility… all these can lead to stagnation and dehydration of our connective tissue (fascia) which will often leads to imbalance and torsions. The body can respond with pain or tension potentially somewhere far away from the source of the issue.

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective form of treatment that involves applying gentle sustained pressure to unleash a change. Restoring fluidity and motion to the dehydrated tissues leads to a sense of space, pain reduction and a fuller integration of the whole body.

Massage treatments last for 55min. Cost: £70



Patient Testimonial

“I have benefitted immensely from Shunyo’s skill and understanding. He was able to diagnose the treatment that would be most helpful for me and, in just a few visits, he freed me from neck pain that had been troubling me over a protracted period. I would highly recommend him.”