Should I choose Pilates Equipment or Pilates Matwork?

The Pilates Studio is the ideal environment for anybody to exercise, whatever your age, ability or experience. There are a variety of ways to experience Pilates, but one of the main differences in our classes is whether you are using Pilates Equipment or moving independently on the mat.


Pilates on the Equipment 

Based on spring tension and rounded and soft surfaces, the Pilates equipment supports the body and is used to provide challenge at a level entirely tailored to the individual. are the ideal environment to re-educate the body towards intelligent movement.

Brighton Pilates Studio is fully equipped, and the Pilates studio equipment consists of Pilates Reformer, Trapeze table, Combo chair and Barrel.

Find out more about our equipment classes.


Mat-work Pilates 

A mat-work Pilates class leads you through gentle yet challenging movements on a mat, bringing attention to flow and precision of movement. Classes are performed on a mat sometimes using small props. These add proprioceptive feedback, challenging your overall body balance to find a deeper and integrated connection.

We offer a range of mat classes from beginners to intermediate. Find out more about our mat classes.

Please note that initially group mat-work Pilates classes are not always the ideal for everyone. If you have been referred to Pilates by an osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor you should consider starting with some one on one tuition or classes on the equipment. If you still are not sure which is the best pathway for you, please get in touch and we are very happy to advise the best option for you.