Pilates Reformer Classes.

Experience Pilates on the Allegro 2 reformer for a enhanced whole body workout.
The reformer adds support and resistance to your movement whatever your level of fitness or experience.



  • Groups are a maximum of 9 people

  • Classes are 55 minutes long

  • No experience required

  • Not suitable for those with injuries or pain

  • Take Pilates matwork to the next level

  • Flexibility to book your class when it suits your schedule

  • A timetable of more than 40 classes, 7 days a week

  • The latest Allegro 2 reformers

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New to reformer classes?

Get to know the basics with our foundations class.

This class is a introduction to the foundations of reformer pilates, prior to you joining one of our group classes. Learn basic principles including the use of breath, pelvic placement and core control. Perfect for beginners and those who have not done Pilates on a reformer before.

Next class: Thursday 12th September 7pm

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Pilates Mat + Reformer – Our mat + reformer class has a creative input combining mat work and reformer pilates, resulting in a unique workout for every area of your body.

Pilates Jumpboard – A fast paced cardio class, myth busting the fact that Pilates doesn’t make you sweat.

Level 1 – For anyone wanting to develop and work deeply and at a slower pace.

Level 2 – A dynamic whole body workout suitable for those with some experience.

Level 3 – For those familiar with the reformer wanting to take their workout to the next level and work at a faster pace and intensity.

Reformer Foundations – An introduction for those with little or no experience of the reformer. These are pop up classes and do not have a regular timetable. Our next reformer foundations class takes place Thursday 12th September at 7pm BOOK NOW