Our Mat + Reformer classes

Pilates on the Mat

Focus on balance, coordination and core strength by following the Pilates repertoire on the mat. Our classes often integrate props and the use of the reformer as well as the mat for added proprioceptive feedback, challenging overall body balance and finding a deeper and integrated connection.

Our mat + reformer class has a creative input and individualistic approach, resulting in a unique journey of development for every area of your body. We have an extensive timetable throughout the week with two different levels.

  • Groups are a maximum of 7 people
  • Classes are 55 minutes long
  • Flexible class passes
  • No experience required



Mat + Reformer Level 1

Completely new to Pilates? In this class we introduce you to the principles of Pilates giving special attention to precision and breath.

Experience a range of Pilates exercises on the mat (integrating props like balls, bands and rollers) as well as the reformer to help improve co-ordination, strength, flexibility and a greater awareness of your posture and alignment.

Everyone welcome!


Mat + Reformer Open Level 

A general level class for those already with an understanding of the principles of Pilates. Have the best time on your mat while getting a great full body workout. A great way to build confidence, strength and explore a greater range of exercises.
Options to work with less or more advanced versions of the exercises will always be given so you have the freedom to work at an appropriate pace and level for your body.

Mat + Reformer Level 2

This level is aimed at more advanced students with an experience of Pilates. The session will step into more challenging movement and we’ll always ensure to keep you safe.
Come and practice your Rollovers, Jackknifes, Side lifts and teasers on the mat and the reformer and spect to leave energised and invigorated!
This class is not suitable for beginners and is not designed as remedial class or suitable for rehabilitating an injury.

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