Moving Fascia ®
Self-Care Workshops

Self-care movement workshops with Ana Barretxeguren.
Learn useful self-release techniques for easing tension, restoring integration and increasing awareness of your own alignment.

Enhance your own self-practice with the use of the foam roller, balls and other props to reconnect to the fascial relationships and reestablish the fluidity of your connective tissue. 

A great opportunity for your own self practise for far greater awareness of your own body.

These workshops have been born from Ana’s Moving Fascia ®, embodied anatomy course for movement teachers and body-workers. Moving Fascia course for practitioners runs through our teacher training provider Evolve Movement Education. Learn more it HERE


So, what is fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that envelopes every structure in your body, from organ to muscle, to bone and nerve. A continual net that changes it’s density and fluidity according to the needs of each structure: it thickens to creates bridges in ligaments and tendons; it puffs up to become the honeycomb-like structure that hosts fat and fluid; it even fluidises enough to make up our blood.
Fascinated by fascia? So are we!


Ana Barretxeguren

Ana Barretxeguren
Ana’s interest lies in the elastic and fluid quality of the body, and it’s expression through breath and movement.

Her Pilates practice is informed by her training in Myofascial Release. as well as Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute.

She has mentored for Polestar Pilates and is the founder of Evolve Movement Education, running courses and workshops on anatomy and Pilates. Ana’s passion for the body in movement, and the inter-connected fluid quality of fascia has led her to explore anatomy through human dissection. Ana is currently studying a postgraduate course on anatomical sciences at the University of Edinburgh.


No previous experience required

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