Terms and Conditions of Brighton Pilates Studio memberships

1. Name
The name of the club is Brighton Pilates Studio (“the Club”).

2. Objects
The objects of the Club are to provide Pilates group classes at the Proprietor’s premises in Hove.

3. Proprietor
The Club is a proprietary club, the proprietor being Brighton Pilates Studio Limited (registered address)  4th Floor, International House,, Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XE (“the Proprietor”) which is
responsible for the provision of the Facilities.

4. Management
The general management and affairs of the Club in all matters is under the entire control of and is conducted by the Proprietor.

5. Membership
5.1. Any person over the age of 18 years of age may apply for any class of membership which application the Proprietor may approve or refuse at its absolute discretion. A member means an applicant for membership who has been accepted by the Proprietor as a member of the Club in any of the categories of membership referred to in these rules.

5.2. There shall be the following categories of membership:
5.2.1. “4 Classes Reformer Membership”

5.2.2. “4 Classes Equipment Membership”

5.2.3 “8 classes Reformer Membership”

5.2.4 “8 classes Equipment Membership”

5.2.5 “8 classes Duo Membership” (4 reformer classes and 4 equipment classes)

Membership under one category of membership does not preclude a member applying for membership under another category.  These rules apply equally to all categories
of members.

5.3. As a condition of being accepted as a member, each candidate will:
5.3.1. provide full complete and honest answers to the Proprietor’s questionnaire relating to his or her medical condition and history;
5.3.2. disclose any physical disabilities or medical conditions including details of any medication, whether under prescription or otherwise, taken by the applicant; and
5.3.3. discuss his or her objectives in terms of his or her physical condition and fitness.

5.4. Each category of membership shall have the following rights and privileges subject to the provisions of these Rules (“Rules”):
5.4.2. “4 classes reformer membership” will entitle a member to attend 4 reformer classes per month and purchase any additional reformer classes at the membership rate of £14 per class
5.4.3. “4 classes equipment membership” will entitle a member to attend 4 equipment classes per month and purchase any additional equipment classes at the membership rate of £20 per class
5.4.4. “8 classes reformer membership”” will entitle a member to attend 8 reformer classes per month and purchase any additional reformer classes at the membership rate of £12 per class
5.4.5. “8 classes equipment membership” will entitle a member to attend 8 equipment classes per month and purchase any additional equipment classes at the membership rate of £18 per class
5.4.6. “8 classes duo membership” will entitle a member to attend 4 reformer classes per month and 4 equipment classes per month; they will be able to purchase any additional reformer classes at the membership rate of £12 per class and any additional equipment classes at the membership rate of £18 per class
5.4.7. Classes to be booked by the member anytime within the studio timetable;
5.4.8. For all membership categories, classes cannot be carried over to the next month.;
5.4.9. All class bookings must adhere to a 24hr cancellation policy.
5.4.10. All other Brighton Pilates Studio terms and conditions apply.

5.5. A member shall keep the Proprietor fully informed of any physical disabilities or medical conditions at all times during his membership of the Club including details of any
medication whether under prescription or otherwise being taken by that member

6. Register
The Proprietor will keep a register of members containing the names and addresses of all members.

7. Admission
7.1. Membership of the Club does not entitle a member to admission to any classes which are full as designated by the Proprietor.
7.2. Admission is subject to such terms and conditions of payment or otherwise as the Proprietor determines from time to time.
7.3. The Proprietor is entitled to refuse a member entry to the Club premises or any part of it where the Proprietor believes that a member is intoxicated or is otherwise unfit to use the Facilities or for any other reason whatsoever.

8. Subscriptions
8.1. The annual subscriptions (“membership fees”) for each category of membership are the sums that the Proprietor determines from time to time are payable but any
increases in membership fees for any of the categories of membership shall not occur more than once in any period of 12 months.

8.2. The Proprietor may give such discounts in membership fees to private members or to corporate or other members who have applied for membership as multiple
applicants through a co‐introducer, as the Proprietor thinks fit

8.3. The Proprietor will provide a tariff of current membership fee rates on its website if requested but no more frequently than once in each period of six months.
8.3.1. Membership fees are payable in advance upon a member’s application for membership being accepted by the Proprietor and will be paid monthly.
8.3.2. The minimum contract term shall be 6 months. The applicant shall pay the first month’s fees upon commencement of the membership, thereafter a direct debit will be set up starting on the second month of his or her membership, on the day in each month which corresponds with the date of his acceptance by the Proprietor as a member.
8.3.3. Member has the option to freeze the membership for a maximum of one month per 12 month period after the initial minimum contract term of 6 months has passed. 14 days of written notice is required before the next monthly contract renewal date.

9. Termination of membership   
9.1. The Proprietor may terminate the membership of a member of the Club:
9.1.1. if his subscription or any agreed instalment of it is not paid within 7 days of it becoming due;
9.1.2. forthwith if the conduct of a member is in the opinion of the Proprietor incompatible with the best interests of the Club or its members or in the opinion of the Proprietor renders him unfit or unsuitable for membership.

9.2. A member is bound to pay any membership fees due within the term of the contract period. A member may NOT terminate the membership during the contract duration except for the following reasons:
9.2.1. Pregnancy
9.2.2. Chronic illness or injury that renders the member unable to reasonably use their membership

9.3.  The member may terminate the membership:
9.3.1.Following the end of the designated membership period a member may give notice of termination of his or her membership of the Club by giving the Proprietor not less than 14 days written notice of such termination to expire.
9.3.2 Termination of his/her membership by a member shall not affect his/her obligation to pay any unpaid membership fee or part membership fee subject to the provisions of Clause 9.2.
9.3.3 Where any membership is terminated by the member and the termination occurs before the end of the contract period for which membership fees are due to be paid by the member, the member shall be liable for the fees for the full period of the contract term, less the required notice period (if applicable) and shall not be entitled to any reimbursement for the fees so paid and attributable to that period.

10. Rules
The Proprietor may from time to time revoke, vary, add to or alter the rules of the Club and alter the categories of membership. The Proprietor is the sole authority for interpreting the rules and for settling all disputes relating to the affairs of the Club and the conduct of the members and will post any such alterations on its website.

11. Data Protection
11.1. The Proprietor agrees to comply with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 or any act amending or replacing it.

11.2. By signing the form of application for membership, an applicant consents to the Proprietor keeping the data provided in the application together with the information contained in the replies given to the Proprietor’s questionnaire and the information derived from any physical assessment of the applicant carried out by the Proprietor, for the period of the applicant’s membership of the Club or if membership is refused for a period of 12 months from the date of refusal.

11.3. Subject to a member notifying the Proprietor to the contrary, the Proprietor may use information provided by a member for the purpose of providing a member with
details of products and services which in the opinion of the Proprietor may be of interest to the member, either by post by telephone or by e‐mail.

11.4. The member shall have the right at any time to notify the Proprietor that he wishes the Proprietor to cease using the member’s personal information for the marketing
purposes referred to above and the Proprietor will comply with any request to cease processing personal information for these purposes.

12. Limitation of liability  
12.1. This rule sets out the Proprietor’s entire financial liability to any member or members (including any liability for the act or omissions of designated members, employees,
agents and sub‐contractors) in respect of any breach of the Proprietor’s obligations or any representation, statement or tortuous act or omissions (including negligence)
arising under or in connection with these rules.

12.2. All warranties conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law relating to the Proprietor are to the fullest extent permitted by law excluded from these rules
but nothing in these rules excludes liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence of the Proprietor, members of the Proprietor or its employees or

12.3. The Proprietor shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any property of any member. Property stored in any lockers provided by the Proprietor at the Club is stored at
the risk of a member.

13. Dissolution
13.1. The Club may be dissolved by the Proprietor at any time and the provisions of Clause 9 of these Rules (relating to the reimbursement of fees which have been overpaid)
shall apply as if the membership of a member had been terminated.

14. House Rules
14.1. Members shall not take any food or drink of any kind into the studios or treatment area.

14.2. Members shall replace props to the station after each class and leave the equipment in a clean and tidy condition after use.

14.3. Members shall use the Pilates equipment in the manner directed by the Proprietor and shall be careful not to cause any damage to any of such equipment.

14.5. Members shall wear clothing specifically designed and intended to be worn in a gym when attending any classes and a decision of the Proprietor in respect of whether such clothing is suitable should be final and binding on a member.  In particular, members will not wear denim or other clothing containing studs or which may otherwise cause damage to any equipment and will not wear footwear.

14.6. Members who have changed their clothing before joining any classes shall leave those clothes and shoes in the lockers provided and shall not bring any bags or other containers into any classes.

14.7. Members shall empty any lockers used by them before leaving the Club and understand and accept that the Proprietor will empty all lockers every
night and will dispose of the contents of the lockers.

14.8. Members shall not bring alcoholic drinks of any kind on to the premises and shall not consume alcohol on the Premises.

14.9. Members shall maintain good personal hygiene on the Premises.

14.10. Members shall not smoke on the Premises.

14.11. Members shall not use mobile phones on the Premises and all mobile phones shall be on silent mode while members are on the Premises.

14.12. The Proprietor class times of the Club will be posted on the website but the Proprietor reserves the right to alter these hours from time to time.

14.13 Membership is not applicable to specific teachers but to the monthly period of membership.

14.14. The Proprietor shall at its discretion be entitled to refuse access to the Club to any guest or visitor.

14.15. Members shall behave in a manner which is in the opinion of the Proprietor appropriate and in the best interests of the Club and no arguments between members shall be conducted on the Premises.

15. No assignment
A membership is personal to each member and shall not be transferred or assigned to anybody else.

16. Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and the Proprietor and the members of the Club shall submit to the non‐exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

17. Interpretation
In these Terms and Conditions:
17.1. references to the masculine include the feminine where appropriate, the singular to the plural; and
17.2. the headings are for ease of reference only and are not to be taken into account in their interpretation.