We believe movement can influence your health and life for the better.


Ana Barretxeguren founded Brighton Pilates Studio when moving to Brighton in 2009. Her original studio was in her own living room, where she used to offer private sessions while still travelling to teach in London.

At the time, Ana was mentoring Pilates teachers to complete their comprehensive Pilates teacher training, soon, these teachers joined together and the BPS team was born.

Today, the BPS team has matured into the most dedicated team of highly trained, rehabilitation and movement professionals. We are a supportive network, proud to promote healthy movement for the people of Brighton and Hove. We base our teaching on the latest research about movement, fascia and biotensegrity, proven to achieve results and influence your health.



Ana Barretxeguren

Ana’s interest lies in the elastic and fluid quality of the body, and it’s expression through breath and movement.

Her Pilates practice is informed by her training in Myofascial Release. as well as Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute.

She has mentored for Polestar Pilates and is the founder of Evolve Movement Education, running courses and workshops on anatomy and Pilates. Ana’s passion for the body in movement, and the inter-connected fluid quality of fascia has led her to explore anatomy through human dissection with Gil Headley and Julian Baker.






Emma Jardine

Emma’s journey into Pilates started 20 years ago when she was introduced to it by her mother, an experienced instructor in the UK and USA. Emma originally trained with the Pilates Institute under Michael King and after running his London studio she moved on to train and certify with Polestar Pilates.  Emma has over 10 years experience teaching one-on-one clients and group classes in both matwork and studio.

Her extensive experience as professional singer and vocal coach has allowed her to incorporate breathing and diaphragmatic techniques from her performing arts background into her Pilates work.

Emma has long running dedication to injury rehabilitation, fitness, posture and alignment and has recently studied Restorative Exercise with Katy Bowman.



Hayley Oxley

Hayley is a Pilates teacher with a passionate interest in the care and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.
She completed her Pilates teacher training with Alan Herdman, and has also trained with the Basi foundation in California and completed the Polestar Comprehensive Pilates studio course.

Her teaching is informed by her practice as a trained clinical massage therapist, as well as her passion for sports, anatomy and body mechanics.

Her passion for understanding the body has lead her to do study with the MuTu TM system, JING school of massage, as well as Restorative Exercise with biomechanist Katy Bowman.




Tansy Blaik Kelly

A calm, sensitive and friendly teacher, with over twenty seven years of personal Pilates experience, Tansy strives to help clients achieve their physical potential through developing a healthy and happy body.

Tansy has a background in dance, and began learning Pilates at ballet school in 1987 with Alan Herdman, founder of the UK’s first Pilates studio. Although professionally she chose a different path, training in fine art textiles, and enjoyed a 17 year career in Costume and Couture Fashion, Tansy continued with Pilates classes throughout.  Having personally felt the many benefits to her own health, fitness and vitality from Pilates, in 2006 Tansy decided a career change was needed, and began retraining to teach its many benefits to others.

Tansy is qualifed to teach Matwork and Pre and Postnatal Pilates through the Pilates Foundation, and as a Comprehensive Studio teacher with Polestar Pilates. She owns Turning Tide Pilates, a busy boutique Pilates studio in Uckfield, East Sussex.

Tansy’s interests lie in encouraging the body to return to more natural movement patterns. Exploring the inter-relationships between body, mind and movement. Promoting greater comfort and better posture in your body, reducing the mechanical stresses that can contribute to pain.



Ulala Yamamoto

Ulala is a Pilates Foundation teacher who has undertaken training with Dominique Jansen the director of Pilates off the Square in London, Hannah Jones and Susanne Lahusen. She brings a wealth of movement experience and knowledge of the body gained during her career as contemporary dancer to her understandings and application of Pilates.

Ulala has been teaching Pilates for over eight years and has taught both in Japan and the UK. She teaches all levels and age groups from pre and post-natal clients to very elderly clients, injury work and rehabilitation, including pre and post surgery Pilates. She has also organised and run a number of Pilates and movement workshops for dancers in Japan. Ulala has discovered the fantastic benefits of the Pilates method through her dance career and two pregnancies and feels passionate about sharing this with her clients.




Kay Cowling

Kay was first introduced to Pilates during her 3 year teacher training course at The London College of Dance. Once qualified in 1991, Kay continued to develop her knowledge and practice whilst teaching and choreographing in Asia and the Middle East.

On return to the UK she went on to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and has taught in primary, secondary and SEN schools throughout London and the South East.

After a serious neck injury Kay attended Pilates classes with Peter Curtis at The Laban Centre and a passion for rehabilitation developed. Through this experience Kay  truly understood the need to create the correct balance within the body, which in turn creates flow of movement without pain.

In 2012 Kay undertook the Body Control Pilates Matwork Certification and is Level 3 on the Register of Exercise Programme. Her classes focus on precision of alignment and flow of movement.


Sarah Kearney

Sarah trained as a Pilates matwork teacher in London with Jessica Moolenaar, Mindful Pilates. In her classes Sarah is interested in finding increased awareness of alignment, stability and ease of movement.

Before gaining her Pilates Foundation Matwork Teaching Qualification, Sarah trained as a dancer completing her dance degree at Laban Centre London in 1999. It was during this time while taking Pilates classes that Sarah became aware of the benefits of Pilates and how it could support her dance training.
While working as a dance teacher Sarah gained her Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector and was awarded a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Her 10+ years experience as a contemporary dance teacher influences her approach to exploring movement and connections through the body.



Annabelle Shaw

Annabelle has worn several professional hats over the years including working in publishing and as a secondary school teacher, but her love of Pilates began when she attended her first Body Control Pilates class in the late 1990s. The therapeutic and life changing benefits of Pilates became very clear to her when it gave her a pro-active approach to eliminating the back and shoulder pain she developed after giving birth to her son. The wish to impart her knowledge to help others and the desire use her teaching background in a different direction led to the transformation of a hobby into a new and rewarding career.

Initially focusing on matwork Annabelle trained with BASI (Body Arts and Science International) in 2009 when she was living in Singapore and went on to do the Polestar Comprehensive Studio course shortly after that. Annabelle’s extensive experience includes running her own studio from home and being the in-house Pilates instructor at the British Club, Singapore. She has helped clients, from pre and post-natal women to sports people wanting to improve their performance and businessmen with back issues, to improve body alignment, strengthen the core and eliminate pain.

Annabelle believes in giving clients the skills to listen to their own bodies and teaches how awareness and movement can help to restore balance to the body and mind.


Yasue Hodge

Yasue discovered her passion for the yoga in the 1990s as part of training for the Aerobic Gymnastic Championships. She started teaching Yoga in 2002 and has studied with many teachers all over the world including USA, India, Japan and in Europe. She is registered as an E-RYT500 teacher with the International Yoga Alliance USA and completed her yoga wall training in Germany. She has additionally trained others to teach within a RYT200 course at Under The Light Yoga School in Japan.

Her daily practice lies between free style Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga and meditation. As a teacher her goal is to “create an opportunity for every student to experience change both physically and spiritually.”


Shunyo Finberg

BSc (Hons) Ost.Med.

I am very interested in exercises and posture and trained as a Pilates Instructor with APPI. I am currently furthering my study with Pilates equipment on the Evolve Movement Education training programme. I believe we all need to take our health in our own hands so I usually give simple exercises to my patients so they can continue to consolidate my treatment through gentle movements at home.

Shunyo is available on Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings and Saturday mornings


Katy Pendlebury

Katy has been practising Pilates since 2002 and enjoys both the physical and
psychological benefits that it brings to her life.In Katy’s teaching she aims to meet the whole person who walks into the studio and to use her knowledge of movement through Pilates to help clients develop a healthy and balanced body.

Katy began to learn Pilates when she injured her hip whilst training to be a dancer.Her Pilates practice enabled her to complete her dance training with a resilient and injury-free body.Katy undertook her comprehensive Pilates training (apparatus and matwork) with Trevor Blount, who has taught from his studio in South Kensington for thirty years. Teaching in his studio from 2008 to 2016, she has worked with young and old, people with injuries, and those preparing for, or recovering from, surgery.

In 2012, Katy moved to Brighton. She has her own practice with Bex Gould at Sussex Osteopath and Complimentary Health Clinic in Hurstpierpoint. Katy is also a part time artist.

Katy’s continuing interest as a movement practitioner lies in finding ways to unlock the body’s innate intelligence for healthy movement and posture.


Gabrielle Bignell

Gabrielle has had a passion for massage therapy for over twenty years. After developing a particular interest in remedial therapy and studying with Mel Cash, she qualified from the London School of Sports Massage (Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage) in 2010.

She has since worked with clients with general musculoskeletal conditions, sports people pre and post event, and is also currently working within the NHS via the charity Full Circle Therapies, supporting adults with chronic ailments. She uses techniques including lymphatic drainage, muscle energy technique and soft tissue release to achieve and enhance soft tissue recovery.