Pilates classes in Brighton &Hove next to Hove Station. PIlates in the Hove area. Call us now to book your pilates in Brighton class

Brighton Pilates Studio

Welcome to Brighton Pilates Studio

Our peaceful sanctuary has two fully equipped Pilates studios; a very spacious and light mat studio; a therapy room; changing rooms, and a friendly reception area.

Classes at Brighton Pilates Studio are about you, we’ve put the very best people together to guide you while you learn and change through your own experience. We are proud of our friendly Pilates instructors, the love for our members, and the quality care we provide for everyone who walks through the doors.

At Brighton Pilates Studio we believe in mindful movement, we trust that dreams are waiting and know that movement is an opportunity to change. Every Pilates, Yoga and Garuda class at Brighton Pilates Studio is taught under close supervision and tailored to your individual needs.

Our highly trained teachers

are certified by

Polestar Pilates Education


Ralli Hall, 81 Denmark Villas (entrance on Station Approach) Hove, BN3 3TH

Tel: 01273 911710 | Email:info@brightonpilatesstudio.com

Happy to talk to you on 01273 911710

Email  info@brightonpilatesstudio.com


01273 911710

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Teachers workshops

20th of July

“The core through the foot”

Alignment and elasticity from floor to standing.