Reformer Pilates

Experience Pilates on the Allegro 2 reformer for a enhanced whole body workout. The reformer adds support and resistance to your movement offering something for every body, whatever your level of fitness or experience. Not suitable for those with any injuries or pain.


Level 1 – For anyone new to working with the reformer, or wanting to work at a slower pace and develop a deeper understanding of alignment and articulation.
Level 2 – An open level class including a greater range of exercises using the reformer. Great for exploring new movement and building muscle endurance. These classes are suitable for everyone.
Level 3 – For those familiar with the reformer wanting to take their workout to the next level and work at a faster pace and intensity.

Purchase a MOVE + class pass of 5, 10 and 20 classes which include all Pilates Barre, Reformer and Spring Wall.

Or purchase a course of 5 consecutive classes (same class each week).

  • Groups are a maximum of 5 people
  • Classes are 55 minutes long
  • Flexible class passes
  • Available at our Hove studio
  • No experience required

Book your Pilates Reformer Class

Choose your Pilates class


Your own personal program on the Pilates apparatus, the perfect class for rehabilitation and enhancing your movement performance.


Balance, control and core strength following the Pilates repertoire on the mat. Groups maximum of 10 people.


High-energy Pilates workouts on your own brand new Allegro 2 reformer


A dynamic flow of high intensity and strengthening movements using the power of the spring. Groups maximum of 6 people.


A fun and challenging practice blending the technical movement of ballet with the precision of pilates.