Pilates + Osteopathy

You are now able to book a session combining the structural adjustment of Osteopathy in combination with the alignment and precision of Pilates. We are very excited to introduce osteopath and Pilates teacher Briar Harvie to our team.

Her method seamlessly combines cranial and structural osteopathy with guided Pilates. The key principles of both centre around all parts of the body functioning together in an integrated manner, improving movement efficiency and reducing stress on the body.

To be able to move efficiently, we need good joint mobility, alignment and a well balanced musculo-skeletal system. Osteopathy uses a broad range of gentle hand-on techniques to help facilitate this change within the musculo-skeletal system. The use of guided Pilates during or immediately following can helps to secure and stabilise the change by improving neural patterning and functional movement pathways.



Briar Harvie – Structural and Cranial Osteopath and Pilates teacher

Briar Harvie graduated from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (now BCOM) in 1997 and has since undergone ongoing cranial and structural osteopathic development, and Pilates equipment training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

Briar has worked as a practitioner in a variety of clinical settings, having worked with a national triathlon team, a world touring dance troupe and has treated many breeds of animals, from competition horses to orphaned elephants. Briar has competed in triathlon world championships and is involved in many sports, including climbing, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, and kayaking. She understands, from first hand experience, the value of combining manual therapy with core stabilisation to provide effective support for an active lifestyle.

Briar is available for treatments on Tuesdays at the Open Market studio and Wednesdays at our Hove studio.


55 minute sessions £70 
Tuesday mornings at The Open Market
Wednesdays in Hove (evening appointments available) 

Call 01273 9117100
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