Private Pilates

Choose 1:1 sessions to benefit from a bespoke Pilates programme entirely focused on your own individual needs and goals. Our highly experienced Pilates teachers bring the focus where you need it most, tailoring the hour to help you increase elasticity, improve mobility, and deeply strengthen.

One on one Pilates classes on Equipment are particularly helpful and recommended for:

  • Those suffering from chronic pain, recovering from injuries/surgery or requiring more focused attention.
  • Athletes, dancers or anyone wanting to improve performance and enhance movement.
  • If you are joining our specialised Pilates Equipment classes we do require everyone client to have an initial private session.

These are ideal to develop your practise and deepen your understanding of alignment and articulation through the body. We don’t require you to have a private session before joining a group class but it’s always a great way to familiarise yourself with the studio environment and the principles of each movement (especially when you are completely new to Pilates.)

2:1 Pilates Sessions are also available.




Watch Jane tell her wonderful Pilates story and why she loves private one to one equipment sessions at the studio.

Choose your Pilates class

"Our community of highly trained and experienced Pilates instructors is committed to providing the best quality care for everyone who walks through our doors.

    Your own personal program on the Pilates apparatus, the perfect class for rehabilitation and enhancing your movement performance.


    Balance, control and core strength following the Pilates repertoire on the mat. Groups maximum of 10 people.


    High-energy Pilates workouts on your own brand new Allegro 2 reformer


    A dynamic flow of high intensity and strengthening movements using the power of the spring. Groups maximum of 6 people.


    A fun and challenging practice blending the technical movement of ballet with the precision of pilates.